Jaden Michael, Adrian Greensmith and Abby Corrigan Of ‘Harlan Coben’s Shelter’ On The Lessons We…

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Jaden Michael, Adrian Greensmith and Abby Corrigan Of ‘Harlan Coben’s Shelter’ On The Lessons We Can Learn From The Themes Of The Series

…Harlan Coben does an incredible job at telling stories about people who never give up. And I mean, that’s sort of been my personal motto for many years, not to give up. That part of the story touched me deeply, and I started to think more deeply about why that is such a prevalent topic in Harlan’s stories. I realized a lot of it had to do with his Jewish heritage…

I had the pleasure to talk to Jaden Michael, Adrian Greensmith and Abby Corrigan.

Jaden Michael, is an esteemed American actor and model, making waves in Hollywood with his remarkable performances in films and web series. His acting career, which commenced in 2010, displays an impressive range and depth, leading him to be recognized as a young star to watch.

Among his notable performances are a starring role in Amazon’s “Wonderstruck,” directed by Todd Haynes, and a recurring role in the critically acclaimed Netflix series “The Get Down,” created by Baz Lurhmann. Michael also co-starred in the indie drama “Custody” alongside award-winning actors Viola Davis and Ellen Burstyn. More recently, he was seen in the lead role of Miguel Martinez in Lorne Michaels’ feature film “Vampires vs. The Bronx.”

One of Michael’s significant roles was his portrayal of a young Colin Kaepernick in the critically acclaimed series “Colin in Black & White” (2021), which offered insights into the early life of the former NFL quarterback turned activist. Furthermore, Michael’s versatility extends beyond live-action roles as he also lent his voice for the character Lucas in “The Bug Diaries” from 2019 to 2020.

Raised primarily in Harlem by his single mother, Michael’s commitment to maintaining balance in his life is evident as he continues to attend Dwight Global Online School alongside his acting career. Known for bringing characters to life in an authentic and compelling way, Michael’s talent, dedication, and outstanding work have consolidated his reputation as a standout young actor in Hollywood.

Adrian Greensmith, born in Brooklyn, New York, is an emerging actor recognized for his roles in both television and films. Greensmith’s journey into acting began in 2019 when he appeared as New Boyfriend in Whitney Woerz: Little Bit More. However, his significant break came in 2022 when he portrayed Hunter in the film Metal Lords.

Before establishing himself in the acting industry, Greensmith pursued his education at the Royal Central School of Speech & Drama in London, where he honed his acting skills. Additionally, Greensmith is a musically gifted individual who is adept at playing various instruments, including the guitar, piano, and bass guitar. His educational journey led him from the United States to the United Kingdom after he graduated from the Fiorello H Laguardia High School.

Besides his current projects, Greensmith is also slated to star as Arthur Spindell in Harlan Coben’s upcoming project, Shelter. His work in Metal Lords allowed him to share the screen with other young talents like Jaeden Martell, further cementing his standing in the industry.

Despite his budding success, Greensmith maintains a close connection with his roots in the United States. His rising trajectory and dedication to his craft have placed him on the radar as a promising actor to watch in the industry.

Abby Corrigan, born in Charlotte, North Carolina, is a multi-talented actress known for her performances in stage productions, television shows, and feature films. Born five minutes after her twin sister, Emma, who has Down syndrome, Abby’s early years were deeply influenced by her parents’ involvement in Charlotte’s theater scene, where they contributed to organizations such as the Charlotte Shakespeare Company, Charlotte Repertory Theatre, and Theatre Charlotte.

Abby began showing interest in acting at a young age, a natural inclination considering her immersion in the theater and casting studios. She took acting classes at the Children’s Theatre of Charlotte and frequently auditioned for plays. Alongside acting, Abby also nurtured her skills in ballet, dance, and singing. In grade school, Abby co-founded the Treehouse Acting Company with her friend, Matt Mitchell, as a platform to give young artists more opportunities.

Her dedication to her craft is evident from her rich portfolio of stage roles, including Emcee in Cabaret, Daniela in In The Heights, Peter Pan in Peter Pan, Natalie in Next To Normal, and Maureen in Rent. For her performance as Fiona in Shrek The Musical in 2014, she received the Blumeys Best Actress Award. Her film and TV credits include roles in Headed South For Christmas; A Smile As Big As The Moon; The Ultimate Life; Redneck Roots; Homeland; Rectify; and Banshee.

Corrigan’s career took a significant turn during her college Unified auditions in NYC when she landed the role of Medium Alison in the National Broadway Tour of Fun Home. This touring production, which ran from September 2016 through December 2017, allowed Abby to showcase her talents across the U.S.

Abby’s path to becoming an accomplished actress also saw her studying acting and voice during the summers in Los Angeles and attending Northwest School of the Arts while still in Charlotte. Along with acting, Abby also showcases her musical abilities by playing the guitar and piano, and expresses her creativity through painting and poetry.

Beyond her craft, Abby’s relationship with her twin sister, Emma, has shaped her understanding of equality and love for the arts. Abby attributes Emma as one of her best acting teachers, and they both share a love for theater, self-expression, and playfulness. This bond with her sister has given Abby a unique perspective, which she believes is applicable to anyone she meets.

Abby’s talent and commitment to her craft have been recognized through several awards, including the Helen Hayes Award for Best Actor in a Visiting Production for Fun Home in Washington D.C. 2018 and the 5th Avenue Theater 2016–17 Subscriber Choice Award for Outstanding Female Actor in a Supporting Role in Seattle WA 2017.

With her extensive training, remarkable talent, and unwavering passion for the arts, Abby Corrigan is a notable figure in the world of acting, painting a promising future ahead.

Harlan Coben’s Shelter follows the story of Mickey Bolitar after the sudden death of his father that leads him to start a new life in Kasselton, New Jersey. Mickey quickly finds himself tangled in the mysterious disappearance of a new student at his school, Ashley Kent, which leads to uncovering unimaginable secrets within their quiet suburban community. With the help of his friends, the inventive Spoon, and secretive Ema, Mickey pulls back the sleepy facade of Kasselton to reveal a dark underground that may hold the answers to decades of disappearances, deaths, and legends — — and perhaps even Mickey’s own complex family history.

Thank you so much for making the time. So, before we dive in, our readers would love to learn about each of your origin stories. Abby, could you share with us the story of your childhood and how you grew up?:

Abby: Oh, man. Well, I grew up in a very artistic community in North Carolina. I was very lucky to have artsy people around me. My parents tried to put me in sports, but it just didn’t work out. Then they put me in theater camp and it just soared from there. I was constantly wearing costumes to school. Like I wore capes till like eighth grade. So I think theater and the storytelling industry was where I was supposed to be. From a very young age, I was always playing and pretending, and I’m still playing and pretending. Here we are.

Jaden, how about you?:

Jaden: I grew up on 136th Street in Harlem, in a little town called Harlem in Manhattan. I kind of just stayed home, really. I was so busy doing auditions and trying to do that kind of stuff. I was not really a part of my community. I was kind of a homebody. But I spent a lot of time with my family, and I don’t know how to answer that question. You wanted to go to a brick-and-mortar high school? Actually, when I was a little kid, I went to a brick-and-mortar elementary school for like a year and a half. One of my friends from elementary school got in contact with me years later over Instagram and she sends me a text while we’re shooting one day and she goes, “Oh, Jaden, I saw you on TikTok.” I said, “Really? Why?” She said, “Oh, you’re shooting at my school?” And I asked, “What, the school that we were shooting all of the scenes for the show?” She was a senior, graduating that year. Destiny

How about you, Adrian? What’s your origin story? Yeah, what’s your deal? Did you come out of the tallest tree in Brooklyn?

I’m from Brooklyn. My mom’s a pianist, and my dad is a 5th-grade teacher. And so on and so forth, and now I’m here.

Abby, can you share with us the most interesting anecdotes from the set of Shelter?

Oh, man. I mean, the first thing I can think of is everybody was super collaborative. So it’s really cool that we were constantly talking about the scene. Oh, here’s a better one. Adrian, Sage, and I lived together while we shot the series. And we moved to multiple places together. It was very dramatic. But we were constantly talking about how every time we get a new episode, we’d all have a mini table read at home, just like, “You’ll be this person, you’ll be this person.” We would make up songs just for fun, silly little songs. There’s one about mice. You’ll never know. I’ll tell you later. Yeah, we’ll tell you later.

I agree.

So, Jaden, what lessons can our society take from the themes of Shelter?

Harlan Coben does an incredible job at telling stories about people who never give up. And I mean, that’s sort of been my personal motto for many years, not to give up. That part of the story touched me deeply, and I started to think more deeply about why that is such a prevalent topic in Harlan’s stories. I realized a lot of it had to do with his Jewish heritage.

And I started to learn about my Jewish heritage. My mom’s mom’s mom is Jewish. So I was like, I need to start reading the Torah and going to synagogue so I can read up on it. Every time I absorb the information, it’s always so prevalent that the stories and the motto and the theme of all of the history of the Jewish people is to be resilient and to stand for yourself and to push through. I think that’s what’s most powerful in the story, to never give up and to keep that fire, that passion in you.

Awesome. Nice to meet you all. Thank you.

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